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Fish Ponds
& Water Gardening
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16th-Oct-2006 06:48 pm - Live Fish Lables
Baby Fish!
Hi there! Does anyone know where I can A) Buy Live Fish Labels, B) Print Live Fish Labels, or C) get a photo of a live fish label that I can use to make my own.

I am importing fish to the UK from the US, have all the permits, have the fish, hand carrying them myself, just need to get some labels!

Baby Fish!

I have a tank with goldfish (5) and weather loaches (3) The goldfish have a thin fungus coating going on, one is looking very ill, and my levels have been off as there were serious pH issues calling for the removal of all the gravel and putting new stuff in, which has helped sort some of it (I can now get the pH to 6.4... whole other issue as it wont go up no matter what goes in) so anyway, the tank is basically re-cycling except the filter is the same as is most of the water (standard 25% water changes weekly) so I did a water change, treated with stress coat as per norm, but noticed the smallest of the goldfish (a beat up rescue who just finished quarantine) has come down heavy with fungus. The sick tank currently has a very very small goldfish in it that this one could possibly eat, so I would have to move the small goldfish to isolate him, but the other goldfish have it anyway, so have to treat them all, so could move the loaches to sick tank and put the little fish in another container and put the loaches in there and treat them with 1/2 the meds as you do with scaleless fish, or put them in a large tub (the sick tank is only 2x1x1foot) so they don't get crowded. I just have no idea what to do as all the goldfish have it (in various degrees) and the loaches look fine, so its shifting everyone around as all my sick tanks have quarantined fish in them - even the tropic one! Any ideas guys? Also I am out of the normal fungus stuff I have, so all thats left is the Protozin, which says it does fungus as well. The worst off goldfish has started to lay on the bottom and really doesn't look well!!

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Kitty WTF
Have been having sudden PH drops in my goldfish tank. Cut cause its realllly long!Collapse )

I checked the Ph this morning when I got up and its between 6.8 and 7 on the little colour chart. I really don't know what to do at this point guys! I don't want to finish filling the tank as the Ph is so wacky and its stressing out the fish, but I don't want to leave them bored. Any ideas?</p>
29th-May-2006 11:17 pm - new
im lauren i live in cincinnati ohio. recently i have decided to finsih the fish pond that has been dug out in my backyard. but, the price of the lining was too expensive to make progress on at this time. while driving down a street by my house ( i promise this will tie in) i stopped at a yard sale. looking around i found a brand new pond form with a minor crack at the lip. i talked the man down to 35 dollars! i took it home and it turns out the area i have dug out is too big so now i am working all day long to fill in the excess. i decided to would try to find a pump on ebay and found a pump and filter for (biological and fish friendly) for a grand total of 30 dollars. so my project is finally moving at a faster pace. i plan on cementing the rocks around the edge and installing a waterfall also. but i am going to take this one step at a time. i dont know if i should put the plants in first or the goldfish when the time comes. any suggestions? i will post pics of my progress but in the mean time i enjoy reading everyones post
15th-May-2006 07:28 pm - Newbie here!
Hello! I'm a newbie. I live in AZ and I'm attempting to set up a pond/watergarden. Very unlike myself, I did almost no research before jumping into this. I have a couple red eared sliders for inspiration. I'm well aware that they will probably kill my plants and fish, but I'm kind of okay with that since it's really for them. I am using a large stock tank right now, and will be digging a real pond in about 4 months when we move to our new home. I currently have 2 umbrella palms and a yellow lilly in there, both are growing like crazy, especially the palms. Actually I need to replant them, but I don't quite know how to go about it. Help?
28th-Apr-2006 12:16 am - murky water
I posted several weeks ago about our new house and the koi/goldfish ponds that we inherited.  Neither my fiance nor I had any previous experience with fish or ponds...so we've been kind of flying blind here.  We have a Challenger filtration system and have been running the backwash about every 10 days or so.  What's got us completely bewildered, though, is how murky the water has become.  It seems like we're doing everything right according to the instructions...but at this point, the water is so densely green, we can barely see the fish.  What are we doing wrong?  Is it just a matter of adding some chemicals?  Do we need to backwash more often?  Is this out-of-control algae growth or some other problem?  Any ideas?  I don't want to risk killing the fish out of my own ignorance. ;(


P.S. I'll try to post some photos as soon as I have a chance to snap a couple.
1st-Apr-2006 03:27 pm - Keeping Koi
Kitty WTF
Hi hi!

Thinking about keeping about 2 to 3 koi and some assorted goldfish either in a custom made tank or an outdoor pond in my back yard. Was just wondering, if I buy the koi at 1-2 inches how fast will they outgrow an indoor tank, and what is the smallest pond they can be kept in when fully grown? (I have 1 comit, 1 plain gold fish and 2 London shubunkins, I want to add 2 bristol shubunkins and probably just 2 tri colour koi)

I have a yard out back, but the max width is 6 foot. I was hoping to have a very large indoor tank or even a pond in my back room, thinking 6x3 square and 2 deep for a pond or 6x2x18 for a tank, but if I go tank or indoor I am sure I will have to go for a smaller type of koi as I am sure they would like to turn around lol.

Thing is I want to build up to it, having them in tanks inside first and buy my pond kit in parts per pay cheque,

I currently have a 3'x16"x18" with my goldfish in it, and I am sure I will have to wait til the 4'x1'x1' is repaired (needs a new piece of glass on the bottom) though I am thinking of using it for my livebearers and getting a 4'x18"x12" for them and the starter koi.

Sorry about the waffle, basically the question is: How fast will the 1 inch koi grow and how big of a pond do I need for 2 fully grown koi?
30th-Mar-2006 09:04 pm - mystery fish
voice, ani, choice
I was looking at pictures of koi ponds and there is the most beautiful purple fish in the second picture here


I can only assme it's a koi, but I looked around a little and can't find anything about a purple koi.

x-poted to a pond fish comm
25th-Mar-2006 03:25 pm(no subject)
Doh!! I'm stupid.

So, today I filled my 45 gallon tank that's been sitting in the basement for years with pond water, and moved the rather plump female shubunkin from the pond to the tank. I'd like to actually be able to raise some babies instead of having them eaten up.

I then checked on the internet about the best conditions for breeding. That's where I went Doh! They're not live bearers. They lay eggs. So I went back outside and got what I believe is the male and threw him in the tank too. I guess we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

Does anyone else have any experience with breeding?
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