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Fish Ponds
& Water Gardening
winter pond pictures and pond digging 
5th-Mar-2008 10:02 pm

This is my pond in the winter its very boring and theres alot of stuff I need to get rid of around it and finish putting the pea gravel around it.  


A closer look, its so green I  dont know if it was due to the couple of warm days we had or due to the electric current it had running through it from the defective de-icer. 


Bio filter and increased water flow I added another 330 gallon per hour pump so now its 660 gallon an hour in a 625 gallon pond. 



I started this in the fall didnt get done before the ground froze. I have been digging it by hand its 13 by 17 by 5 foot deep at its deepest 3 foot deep in the middle and 1 foot deep in the shallow end.  


Well it holds water its not supposed to yet.  


Another angle  it will be done by spring well maybe end of spring start of summer. I hope, wish I had some help lol 
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