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Fish Ponds
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Plec Issues - CATFISH issues :) 
22nd-Oct-2006 02:07 am
Baby Fish!
I went and got a cave yesterday, put it in and gave him a packet of live blood worms, he was hiding under the heater protector (not the actual heater) again so I left him alone and turned out the lights. Later I checked and he was still under there and not the cave, so I moved the heater protector and discovered he was dead.. I have no idea how long for as he looked alive still until he flipped on his back to float, and had husband do a dead fish check, which I just don't do as I wont touch dead fish. I have no idea what happened. Husband thinks as he didn't shift when I put the cave and things in and as the plec tabs were hardly touched that he most likely died before the cave and worms went in. Temp was 80, all levels fine, pH 7.0, so I have no clue what happened. I feel really crap though. Anyway, thanks for all the help, hopefully I'll never have to look after a tailless fish again, but if I do I know what to do.

Old post still here for all interested: Hi all! I have inherited a bit of a problem. This lady I now work for got some fish (1 plec, 1 ruby (we think) shark, 1 blue-looking gourami and a black widow tetra) off her brother who was going to flush them when he drained his tank, so she took them and put them in her 40ltr goldfish tank with no heater. I have sorted her out, she is moving the goldfish to a larger tank, get the tetra some friends, add a snail, and the rest are now with me. We have a tank sorted for the shark and gourmi, however the plec is in dire states. His tail is gone, and I mean GONE. When he settles his back end floats up, and he appears to have dropsy as well. Is there any hope for this poor fish? she says he has been like that from about a month after they went in, but thought his tail was supposed to be like that (she admits she doesn't know fish, and as they we're all fine at her brothers didn't think anything of it, but he had a MUCH larger tank and hiding spaces, these two had shared accom in a small sunken boat thingy)</span>

I have attached some pics. Right now he is in a spare plastic box (I use them for my breeding fish in the fish room) and I have added a heater to get the temp up an extra 5 degrees for him (80 instead of 75) he is in 2ltr of treated aged water, with added Liquid Tonic, just to help him feel a bit better til I sort out what to do. If he has been like this for that long I have some hope, as he will never live with the shark again I have even more hope, but the dropsy and the floating tail make me worry. If the tail nub is dead, will he cope without his tail? He does swim, quickish when he wants to, I just don't want him suffering. What sort of dropsy stuff will work, or is he just battered?

Other then that, I have no idea what kind of plec he is. He is black with large well spaced white dots, and stripped black and white fins (whats left.) in addition to the missing tail he has a large chunk out of his top fin, making it look like a large hook. There are some really bad quality photos under the cut, but its late and the lite in my fish room sucks (I use LEDs for the other tanks, but he freaks when I turn his on)

Any help much appreciated! I am ace with Endler's and goldies, but plecs are beyond me! This lady is seriously upset that the fish got this way, and phoned her brother to yell at him as he said they would all be fine without a heater etc and so on. She really didn't know so no flaming please, at least she has had the sense to ask for a hand and sorting out something suitable for herself and doing what is best for the fish. She did save them from being flushed. I am seriously worried about him though!!!

[EDIT: Its only his back half that has the poking out scales by the way.]
{Another Edit :P Come to find out he is a Raphael Catfish! Thank you all who got back to me so fast!! I am off to get him some anti-fung/bacteria and some blood worms. :) A little cave for him as well :D]

Side fins from top (air stone is standard small size, I don't have two heaters, just a spare heater protector as he kept trying to get under the heater to keep his end from floating up)

From the top - the white spots don't show well in any pics - sorry. Size guide though as thats a pleco-tab :D

Side shot with flash on - gives slight idea of spots

Side shot with no flash - white end bit is raw ending of the tail, you can actually see where the scales should have been...

good shot of the nub when his back end started floating before he could hide under the heater protector.
22nd-Oct-2006 02:36 am (UTC)
it looks like a spotted raphael catfish to me. i used to have them and the striped ones.
22nd-Oct-2006 11:09 am (UTC)
cool, thanks :) Do you know how big he will get and what I can keep him with?

22nd-Oct-2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
the biggest ones i've seen were about 7 inches long or so. i had mine with angels and gouramis.
22nd-Oct-2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
-nods- thanks :) He will be going with my Endler's I think, as the other tank has the shark in it.

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